Renewing China
Use both sides of the Buffalo Eraser Sponge to remove dark marks from the inside of china.
Restaurant Exterior Door
The Right handle was cleaned and refinished by using only water and the Buffalo Eraser Sponge.

Cleaning Restaurant Grease Racks 

John had the unenviable task of cleaning wire racks that had accumulated years of airborne deep-fryer grease.  He said that the grease was so old and thick that it was almost plasticized, and was too gooey to remove with scrapers, that scrapers sort of “pushed” the grease around.  He commented that the stainless steel wire racks had grease drips that hung like icicles.  Jonathan was at his wits end because even the degreaser they had given him did not work.

Two days later he told me that though he wore out the Buffalo Eraser Sponges he got the job done much more easily than he could have hoped for.  A week later he told me that he had taken one home and that his significant other loved the Buffalo Eraser Sponge for household cleaning. 

Removing Crayon Marks From Wallpaper

Hotel Housekeeping called me to replace fifteen linear feet of vinyl wallpaper with a faux grass cloth finish.  The wallpaper had been decorated with crayon scribbles by a child of one of the hotel’s guests.  Tim asked me to show him what the Buffalo Eraser Sponge could do to solve his problem.  After wetting and wringing out excess water, I used the woolly side to pounce the paper as if I was faux finishing; then I repeated the process with the foam side.  I removed the crayon in ten minutes without damaging the wallpaper.

Previously, the housekeepers used chemical cleaners and harsh abrasives on such spots, leaving white patches because they inevitably removed the color from the paper.  

Painting Doors and Door Jambs

I was given the job of painting the doors and jambs in the kitchen area of a high end restaurant.  Normally I would have used a degreaser, scraped the grease with a broad knife, then degreased again, rinsed, sanded and painted.  I merely wet the Buffalo Eraser Sponge with water and wrung until damp, then scraped a section with the abrasive non-woven side, turned it over and wiped with the foam side; then washed Buffalo Sponge in a sink and repeated the process on the entire door and jamb, then painted.  I cleaned, de-glossed and painted the entire door and jamb in fifteen minutes.  Cost savings in time, labor and material is a welcome relief to any painter.

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