How to Use the Buffalo Eraser Sponge
Step 1: Soak Buffalo Eraser Sponge with Water
tep 2: Squeeze out Excess Water
Step 3: Clean, Scrub, and/or Degloss Target Area
Step 4: Rinse and Repeat as Needed
Step 5: Wipe and Dry Area with Clean Cloth

Always test on a hidden area prior to use because both sides of the Buffalo Eraser Sponge can scratch, mar, or dull some surfaces.

Always Wet Before Use

The Buffalo Eraser Sponge cleans most surfaces with just water.
The sponge side of the Buffalo Eraser Sponge is an extremely fine micro-abrasive foam. This quality greatly enhances the cleaning and preparation characteristics of the Buffalo Eraser Sponge.
The woolly side of the Buffalo Eraser Sponge is a non-abrasive nylon and can be used a like a standard nylon scrub.
The sponge side MUST BE DAMPENED before use.

Use Common Sense

  • Do not let your kids (or pets) play with or use Buffalo Eraser Sponges! They can be swallowed and can cause rashes and burns if rubbed against the skin.

  • After using, wipe up any remaining residue.

  • Don't eat, lick or taste.

  • Don't rub on your person. The superfine foam can cause abrasions.

  • Do not use on chrome, glossy automobile paint or high gloss surfaces. Use lightly on painted walls. Melamine is a micro-abrasive and can scratch some surfaces.

  • Always test on a hidden area prior to use. Use caution on leather and other dyed surfaces.

  • Do not use the melamine side (white side) of the Buffalo Eraser Sponge on uneven or rough surface. This could cause the sponge to shred. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The Eraser Sponges crumble/fall apart after use, is something wrong?

This is normal! The Buffalo Eraser Sponge foam side is a compressed melamine material that is supposed to crumble due to the molecular makeup of the melamine fibers. Clean with the Eraser Sponge until the white melamine is completely used. Start any cleaning job by using the nylon side of the Eraser Sponge first to remove dried on or rough surface dirt then switch to using the foam melamine side to finish cleaning. Crumbling does negate the effectiveness.

How do I get the Eraser Sponges to clean better?

Depending on the surface and the type of dirt your attempting to clean, different techniques may need to be applied. If one side is not cleaning for you turn over the Buffalo Eraser Sponge and the use the cleaning surface on the other side. Use the Eraser Sponge in a circular motion in addition to back and forth. Rinse often.


The Eraser Sponges are not cleaning my oven/pans as well as the TV demo?

The Buffalo Eraser Sponges do an excellent job of cleaning all types of caked on food and oils. However, if the dirt is ingrained over an extended period or carbonized black (turned into carbon as a result of heating over a long time), it might not entirely remove the dirt. Add your favorite cleaning agent to the surface area first, wet the Eraser Sponge and use both sides. Most surfaces can be cleaned by wetting the Eraser Sponge with only tap water, but it is possible to use a cleaning agent to turbo-charge the results. Note that the Eraser Sponge will never fully remove carbonized stains but merely improve the situation significantly.


The Eraser Sponges are not cleaning the grout as well as I expected?

The Buffalo Eraser Sponge lifts surface mold and mildew off grout beautifully. However, grout is porous and if stained by any colored substance or dirt the Eraser Sponge will not be able to reverse this.

Additional Vexing issues or information required?

Please send us an e-mail to We will promptly answer and provide individual guidance on how best to use the Buffalo Eraser Sponge.