Buffalo Clean

Buffalo Clean launches two new products, Buffalo Eraser Sponge and Buffalo Gloves. Both products have been extensively tested to meet the highest quality standards.

The Buffalo Eraser Sponge is now available in the 16 local Las Vegas area Walmart localtions. See Retail Locations.


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Buffalo Eraser Sponge

Buffalo Gloves


Comparing the Buffalo Eraser Sponge to Magic Erasers

At first glance, the foam side of the Buffalo Eraser Sponge looks and feels like a Magic Eraser.  They may share some of the same properties, but the difference between the Buffalo Eraser Sponge and the Magic Eraser is best described with two words... Performance Plus!  The Buffalo Eraser Sponge is more powerful, more durable, more effective, more efficient, more versatile, and more economical than the Magic Eraser.  Plus, the Buffalo Eraser Sponge far surpasses all other Eraser products and scrubby type sponges. One use is all it takes to realize that the Buffalo Eraser Sponge sets a new standard for cleaning performance and environmental friendliness.  

The Buffalo Eraser Sponge was originally developed as a commercial grade tool to clean and prepare surfaces for refinishing. The fine grade Buffalo Sponge's "woolly" side is a high performance non-abrasive that is gentle enough to use on china. 

The Buffalo Eraser Sponge offers quality with economy. The Buffalo Eraser Sponge is Environmentally Necessary.

The Buffalo Glove is the best disposable glove available

Buffalo Gloves are extended use disposable gloves and are perfect for tough home use or industrial applications. Buffalo Gloves are Heavy Duty Orange Nitrile gloves featuring a raised diamond texture for incredible dexterity and grip. Buffalo Gloves are a perfect balance of better dexterity and better protection. These gloves feature excellent chemical resistance from common chemicals, like pesticides and many other specialty chemicals, such as iodine, brake fluid or butane. They are also powder free for working on art projects or wet paint so that no residue from your gloves can get in the way of a perfect finish.